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What is Sound Beginnings ®?

Sound Beginnings is a user-friendly device that allows an expectant mother to play music, voice and sounds for her baby in the womb.

Why is Sound Beginnings ® different?

The Sound Beginnings ® device is a comfortable fabric band made of stretchy material that mom puts on and can leave on all day. The device is hands-free; the pocket on the front of the band holds the MP3 player. There is no need for assembly or disassembly, and the Sound Beginnings ®, speakers and all, is machine washable (see the care instructions.) It’s as easy to use as 1-2-3.

When should I use the device?

Expectant mothers can begin using the device in the third trimester or approximately 24 weeks. We recommend consulting your doctor for more specifics.

Can I use Sound Beginnings ® to turn a breech baby?

Yes! Sound Beginnings' ® speakers are specifically positioned to assist mom's and doula's in turning breech babies 

Can I use a smart phone with Sound Beginnings ®?

We do not recommend using any smart phones with the Sound Beginnings ® device. We also do not recommend any MP3 player that connects to the internet (wifi).  Please remember to turn off the wifi, phone and bluetooth features if you insist on using a smart phone or wifi enabled MP3 player.

Who should use the device?

Expectant mothers can use the device in the third trimester. With the addition of the innovative Sound Delivery service, the device allows Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and other family members to bond with baby-to-be through voice. Visit the Sound Delivery webpage to learn more!

Is it possible to bond prenatally with your baby?

Yes. Recent studies suggest that pre-natal babies remember sound beginning in the third trimester and can recall these sounds for 12 months or more after birth. Sound Beginnings ® with the Sound Delivery service allows family members to create shared memories with baby through sound that last long after birth. See our Related Research page for more information.

Is Sound Beginnings ® Safe?

The Sound Beginnings ® device limits the decibel level of the speakers. Even if the volume level of the speakers is set at maximum, the output of the speakers is 85 decibels, a level deemed safe for up to 8 hours of exposure by the CDC.

Because the Sound Beginnings ® device doesn’t require batteries but works solely on the power of your MP3 player, there is no risk of harmful electric shocks.

Sound Beginnings ® patent pending technology has virtually eliminated vibrations to baby-to-be, making Sound Beginnings ® safe to use for your baby.

I heard sound get amplified in the womb, is this true?

No, sound does not get amplified. Sound travels approximately 4.5 times faster in saltwater, which is about the same density as the amniotic fluid. the average person would perceive this as being louder when in it is not. 

Why can’t I hear the speakers?

These are not your average ambient speakers that allow everyone in the room to hear them. The speakers direct the sound towards baby. This is a very special and private experience for your baby. If you want to listen along, use the splitter that was included with your package.

Is it comfortable?

Yes. Sound Beginnings ® has been described as being comfortable enough to be worn all day. There are no belt, clips, abrasive hook and loop fasteners, or adhesive to keep the speakers in place. Sound Beginnings ® will also provide the users with support.

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