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All parents want to provide their babies with a sound, healthy start in life, and find ways to help make their baby smarter. Sound Beginnings ® (voted the BEST in prenatal sound delivery category by experts and moms alike) helps moms, dads and family members bond with the baby like never before. Sound Beginnings ® makes it easy to share music and voice with baby in the womb. Research on pregnancy and the health of pregnant women and their babies is constantly expanding and changing. We’re happy to share a selection of the latest information with our visitors.

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Division of Oral Health by CDC

Periodontal Disease as a Risk Factor for Preterm Birth.

Did you know gum disease can increase risk of preterm delivery? up to eight (8) times.. crazy but true.

January 18 2010

South West Foundation for Biomedical Research

Inadequate nutrition during early pregnancy impairs fetal brain development.

Scientist have conculded what we have known all along. Good diet intake = healthy baby. Give your baby the best chance.

December 30 2010

Modern Mom

What Your Baby Learns in the Womb.

Feb 6th 2010

Should You Read to Your Unborn Baby? Read what Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen are saying about voices to baby.

November 6 2009


Babies may pick up language cues in womb.

November 6 2009

BBC News

Babies 'cry in mother's tongue'