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The National Parenting Center

"Many parents love the idea of speaking to or playing music for their unborn child while in the womb. Sound Beginnings gives parents an opportunity to bond while listening peacefully to music together. The easy to use belly band is soft, durable and washable. It is very easy to wear for extended periods of time no matter what activity you are engaged in. Moms-to-be told us they wore this while doing dishes, reading, sleeping or working at the computer. This is a wonderful product for fathers or grandparents who have to be away from the mother during the pregnancy. "

Charlene S.

Barnegat, New Jersey

"I think the Sound Beginnings is great! Although I thought it was a little tough to put on at first (I went from the bottom up), I actually found it to be very comfortable. Once I tried putting it on over my head, it was much easier. I think the fabric is great. Feels heavy-duty like it will withstand the third trimester of MANY pregnancies, but soft enough to be worn directly on the skin. The product is definitely VERY easy to use...simply put it on, plug in MP3 player and hit play. Within minutes I was feeling my little boy move around so I know it was working."

Kristie McNealy, MD

It provides an amazingly easy way for dad to do some bonding with baby when he can’t be by mom’s side. Really, it would be a great gift for anyone who would like to help far flung family and friends bond with their baby by recording special messages. The messages could also serve as a fun keepsake to pass on to a child when they grow up.


I slipped my Sound Beginnings band over my head and plugged in my MP3 player. It was very comfortable with no bindings or creasing parts. I was playing Flamenco and John Mayer for my little one. Some other ideas might be to play classical or record someone talking to baby. Like Daddy or baby’s Grandparents.


I have a couple of pregnant friends and I really wanted to see how this product worked. She put it on and as soon as she turned on the music, the baby started kicking. She was really thrilled that I got this for her. Feeling a baby kick is an amazingly emotional experience and being able to feel it at any time just by turning on some music is unreal. Every mom should have this. Seriously.


I could not believe how comfortable it was! So soft and stretchy. I can see myself not only using this as a Sound Delivery Device but also just to help support my belly and back in the growing months.

Philip R. and Megan Q

Cresskill, New Jersey

“My pregnant wife had been experiencing discomfort in the middle of the night so I often turned to a well-known, unproven remedy – singing directly into my wife’s belly – with little or no success. For weeks, I asked relatives and other parents for other remedies and finally was introduced to the Sound Beginnings Product through a friend. My wife has been using the product every evening since and no longer has discomfort…she believes that Sounds Beginnings is the main ingredient for her relieve.”

“I’m 7 months pregnant with my third child. I wish I had the Sound Beginnings Product during my previous pregnancy with my twins. It is very comfortable, washable and extremely easy to position on my stomach. It has been a tremendous aid in limiting sleepless nights for me and my relatively active unborn baby. I would recommend all pregnant families add this to their pre-birth arsenals. “

Mom's Best Award 

"This is the best product of its kind. I've seen/used others, but they are not as good! I love the design, washability and comfort of this product. I love that there is no loud Velcro when putting on and taking off. Very easy to use. Without an MP3 player, I was able to plug it directly into my computer while working. Fits great!"

Melissa M.

Long Island, New York

"I absolutely love using it! I wear the band all the time and it's so comfortable that I forget I have it on. When I'm doing chores around the house or even when I go walking I wear the band and my baby and I move to the music together. It's so much fun. I love when I feel him move to certain songs. I am going to recommend this product to all my mommy to be friends."